Relaxing Bedrooms to Help Teens Sleep

While sleep seems to come easily for teenagers, it is more common in today’s busy lifestyles for teens to sacrifice their sleep for other activities. With homework, extracurricular activities, jobs and social lives, many teens do not get the amount of sleep that is essential to their proper growth and well-being.

Teenagers need a full 9 hours of sleep each day to maintain alertness and have energy. Sadly, many get only six hours leaving their bodies without three hours of vital sleep each day. Without it, adolescents may have difficulty waking up, and with surging hormones and growth needs, they can develop memory issues, crankiness and poor communication skills.

Capri Isle Cushion Plush Queen Mattress/Boxspring SetParents can help their teenagers by establishing sleep routines that involve a regular bedtime and wake up time each day. When events and activities conflict with set bedtimes, sometimes adding a nap in the afternoon can make up for sleep time shortages.

Exercise and proper diet are proven to aid in better sleep. Limiting caffeine intake is also important to not disrupt the sleep cycle at night.

Creating a safe and relaxing bedroom for teenagers can do a lot for helping to reduce stress and help induce deep sleep. Have teen students complete homework at the dining table or in an office study so that their room is solely used for sleeping and other restful activities. Making sure that they have the right orthopedic mattress to provide appropriate support and comfort will ensure that they have the best opportunity to reach deep sleep states quickly and easily.

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