How to Choose Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is a place where families meet to create lasting memories during everyday meals or holiday occasions. The furniture you select is meant to last for many years and it is crucial to understand how to choose dining room furniture properly.

The Lauren CollectionThe first step to choosing furniture for dining areas is to examine the layout and measure the room. People need to be able to walk around the table and pull out chairs.  You will want to consider not only the size of the table, but its shape as well in order to ensure the best possible fit. Typically, the space between the table’s edge and a wall or other piece of furniture should be 48 inches for ample room.

Weight and height of individuals using the table and chairs should also be considered. Whether you need large, durable chairs or higher backed ones to offer comfortable support while dining, The RoomPlace has a large selection to choose from. Children’s needs should also be considered as heavy chairs will be hard for them to maneuver.

Dining room table sets make the best furniture selection as pieces are already matched to make furnishing dining rooms quick and easy. Purchasing dining tables and chairs separately is also an option. Finding a dining table on sale without chairs and then taking the time to find chairs to match the table and décor can be fun and affordable. Our stores have sets available in every shape, size and price range so visit us today!

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