Why Buy a King Size Mattress?

Murau Pillowtop Plush King Mattress/Boxspring SetSince so much of our lives is spent sleeping, having a big, relaxing bed to curl up in after a hectic day is one way to comfortably catch up on much needed sleep. For many people, tall in particular, a king size mattress is probably the best choice for bedrooms.

Stretch out comfortably on king sized beds without the need to contort the body or fold arms and legs into cramped positions. The ability to straighten out the body means more restful sleep. Even petite sleepers enjoy larger beds just to have room for rolling around and move while sleeping, and couples enjoy having more space for freedom of movement than a queen size bedroom set permits.

For families with small children, a king size bed is a place where kids can run to be closer with mom and dad. The king size mattress dimensions makes it even easier for the whole family to curl up together for bedtime stories, and with more pets in our homes and now even in our beds, they too can have their own spot to bunk with the rest of the family as well.

King size beds also provide balance to large rooms so that high ceilings and oversized furniture are more proportional with the décor and room size. The best bet before buying a king bed is to measure the space in consideration to make sure the furniture in the room and through doorways and halls when moving it. Shop for a large selection of bedroom mattresses at The RoomPlace stores or online.

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