Decorating with White Furniture

White furniture is a timeless classic that provides elegance and light to any room it graces. The quintessential feeling of walking into a room decorated in all white truly helps one experience what it means to be pristinely clean. White’s reflection of light brightens everything around it, and what better way to capture this effect than decorating dining rooms, living areas and bedrooms with white furniture?

Malibu 8 Pc. King BedroomA benefit to using white is that it complements any color in home decor. Its versatility is unmatched by providing a perfect palette to experience color accents, bold patterns and monotones to reach the desired design effect.

White bedroom sets with white linens can provide a feeling of sanctuary in master bed and bath. The sheer elegance of whiteness provides comfort and refreshment all at the same time sort of like washing in a cool waterfall of light.

Furniture makers have also used the color to fashion the supple white leather sofa, which can be left entirely on its own or embellished with colorful, bright pillows and throws. Another option with white leather furniture is the use of monochromatic patterns and textures on complementary fabrics for pillows, throws and drapes. It truly provides an empty canvas just waiting an artist’s touch to bring a room to life.

The RoomPlace is proud to offer many styles of white furniture in our collection including white bedroom furniture for adults and children. See our entire collection online or by visiting one of our 23 convenient store locations.

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