Using Small Decorative Tables in Modern Home Decor

Small decorative tables for use in home accessories and décor can play an interesting role in creating atmosphere in the home. Their practicality as functional tables to hold drinks, books or storage is a given, yet many people are beginning to value their use as a decorative item in modern home decor.

Cabo TableCoffee tables and end tables can typically be found in matching sets so as to lend balance and consistency to a home’s décor. Coordinating furniture pieces together with fabrics and accessories tie everything together. Some occasional tables even come with drawers and shelves to provide extended storage in the home and can help prevent clutter from taking hold.

By changing the use of the common coffee or end table, an occasional table can become a centerpiece that dramatically changes the focus in a room. Using a single table to display sculpture or artwork, a decorative Tiffany lamp or even as a special nook table for a sitting area will actually accent the area rather than just blending in with the rest of the furniture.

Using different tables of various materials such as wood, glass or metal also adds variety to the home, and it takes an artistic eye to place them well within the room’s design to keep them from distracting or creating clutter in the room.

We have many occasional tables available in our stores and online that will work well in any home’s style and décor. With marble accents, metal, glass and wood tables, there is sure to be something that will become part of your cherished home furniture collection.

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