What to Consider When Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

best memory foam mattressMemory foam mattresses are widely available in stores today, but those who are more familiar with innerspring mattresses may not know what to look for when considering the purchase of foam mattresses.

The best memory foam mattress will essentially boil down to each person’s own individual tastes and needs. These mattresses were designed to help contour the mattress to the body rather than the body to the mattress so they provide comfortable support not found in standard mattresses.

The density of the foam used to create the mattress mainly affects the durability of the mattress and on a slighter scale, how the foam feels and contracts when used. The average memory foam mattress has a density of 4 pounds and should be at minimum 3 inches of foam thick. Anything less than 3 inches will not be as comfortable, and the durability may also be compromised on lower weights and thicknesses of foam.

The Tempurpedic foam mattress is one of the best foam mattresses made on the market and typically comes with 7 pound density and up to 10 inches of thickness. Their comfort and durability is highly rated by those who purchase and use them.

For those who want the same feel but not a whole memory foam mattress, there are many toppers that can be added to existing inner spring and latex mattresses. A mattress topper will add softness and also help with any aches and pains experienced from existing mattresses. Of course, a topper will not help with mattresses that are ready to be replaced due to age, compression or wear.

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