How to Buy Bedroom Furniture

Richmond 8 Pc. Queen BedroomBeds get used more frequently than any other piece of furniture in the house. That is why it is essential for good sleep and health that shoppers understand how to buy bedroom furniture.

Measuring the bedroom to determine the best mattress and bed frame that will fit comfortably in the room is the first important step to take. There should be a minimum of two feet of space around the bed, and care should be taken to measure the area needed for headboard space as well. When purchasing a framed, consider whether a new mattress will also be needed to fit the new bed frame.

Grandeur Canopy 9 Pc. Queen Canopy BedroomStyle
There are a variety of bed styles to choose. Canopy bedroom sets are romantic and lend an airy feel to bedrooms. The four poster bed is a popular style that is offered in many different hard woods and finishes. Sleigh beds have traditional head and foot boards while platform beds are raised with room for storage underneath.

Beds need to last a good long time so it is best to consider solid wood or metal for the bed frame. High quality construction with wood dowels and screws is always preferable to particle board held together with staples.

Planning & Shopping
Once you have decided on all the necessary elements desired for a bed, it is time to visit the furniture showroom. The more important part of the shopping experience is to actually test the bed to get a good idea of how it feels. Getting on and off the bed will also help to ensure there are no squeaks in the frame.

It can be very tempting to purchase a bed larger than needed, but since beds take up a lot of room, choosing wisely for your particular room space and design is always preferred. The RoomPlace furniture professionals can help you in your bed and mattress needs. Just visit us today in any of our 23 store locations.

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