Furniture Ideas for Reclaiming Rarely Used Dining Rooms

Ariana 9 Pc. Dining Room w/ ChinaSometimes reclaiming valuable space in our homes is as simple as using furniture pieces in ways different than their usual purpose.

Take, for instance, formal dining rooms. Often, we only use the room for special occasions once or twice a year. The rest of the time the room is left neglected. By re-thinking our use of various pieces of dining table furniture, it is easy to refashion the room to make it more inviting to family members all year long.

Dining table and chair sets do not always have to be center stage. Depending on their size and shape, moving to one side or end of the room can add valuable space for a desk or storage cabinet. Simply covering these furniture pieces with matching fabrics will allow the desk or cabinet to double as a buffet when having guests. The fabric masks any unsightly storage or office supplies.

Benches also make a nice addition to encourage year round use of formal dining room space. They are convenient as drop spots for shopping bags or mail, and many benches come with lift up lids for hidden storage.

A secretary with coordinating hutch can also serve double duty as a small bar for holding glasses and liquor bottles. During the rest of the year, it makes a great desk for letter writing and bill paying.

Adding new life to a formal, rarely used space is easy. Just visit one of our convenient Illinois furniture stores to find useful furniture for your space.

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