Best TV stand for Big Screen TVs

As the price of big screen televisions becomes more affordable, many people are purchasing them to add to their family rooms and dens. Shoppers can choose from a large selection of plasma and LCD flat screens so an important component in planning the purchase of large TVs is how they will be displayed at home.

Madison TV StandAny method used to hold the flat screen TV must consider the viewing angle of the room. Flat screens are best viewed head on where the middle of the screen meets eye level. The best option to obtain correct eye level is a TV stand. It correctly supports the television and can be adjusted to the correct height for viewing.

For flat panel TVs, another option is to mount on the wall for optimum viewing. It saves a tremendous amount of floor space so as long as there is available wall space to use, wall mount installation is a viable option. Unlike flat screens, projection TVs do not have the same viewing angle so care must be made to position these televisions in the right lighting and room angle.

Most essential when picking LCD TV stands is the weight bearing capacity. While it may be tempting to use an old desk or coffee table, proper TV stands and furniture built specifically to hold big screens are better equipped to handle the weight and size.

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