Color Confidence – How to Decorate With Purple

When it comes to color, it seems that there are varying opinions, but when it comes to your living room decor, you want to have colors that you love in it.

So, for example, if you love the color purple, then you might want to have an entirely purple room, but your significant other might not be a huge fan of purple.  So is there a way to compromise?  You bet!

For example, rather than having purple walls or purple curtains, you could have a purple couch and use that as the center piece for the room.  Of course, there are also varying shades of purple – from lavender to the deep purples of berries, there are so many to choose from.  If you have a particular shade in mind, then that makes things a little easier.

Of course, you will also want to know what colors go well with purple when it comes to living spaces.  You might try a complementary color scheme, which means that you could pick a color from the other side of the color wheel.

Our team of experienced designers can always help you figure out what will go best with the shade of purple you’d like to target.  The lighting in the room as well as the purpose of the room will play a big part of it as well.  We’ve got many purple furniture pieces in stock that you can see in person in one of our 23 stores or you can browse our website for ideas.

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Have you decorated with purple like with accent chairs for living room and loved how it turned out?  We would love it if you would share a photo of your purple space with us on our Facebook page!

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