Best Living Room Collection for a Small Apartment

3 Piece Living Room SetWhether you have just moved into a small apartment or if you have always had one, one of the challenges of living in a small place is getting the furniture right so that it doesn’t feel small.

As you may be familiar, one of the best ways to figure out how furniture will fit is to measure the space where you are going to put furniture.  While measuring it, you’ll want to mark down on a piece of paper to be able to remember the measurements.  You might even make a diagram of the area and mark what the height, width and lengths are in those areas.

Then you need to determine what you want – do you want a chair and a couch or a loveseat?  Do you want a coffee table?  Will all those pieces fit? 

For example, you might find that a sectional might be a better fit than having a couch and a love seat.  Or you might have a space where you couldn’t fit two individual couches, but yours could definitely fit a sectional, which then provides for more lounge area.

The RoomPlace can help you figure out what furniture would work best in your small apartment.  In fact, our showrooms feature completely furnished and coordinated rooms to help give you an idea of what direction to head in.  You can also save more when you buy a complete room from us – feel free to stop into one of our 23 locations or shop online and enjoy immediate delivery so that you can start living in your living room!

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